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Cook County, Illinois Update

Cook County, Illinois

On Tuesday, August 21st, 2023, Meredith Hudgens, Partner based in The Cook Group’s Chicago office, presented an oral argument with a consortium of four defense firms in Cook County, Illinois. The focal point of their legal engagement centered around opposing the Plaintiffs’ Motion, seeking to Terminate, Abolish, and Strike the Asbestos Defendant’s Deemed Counter Claims before Judge Sherlock. The Cook Group’s legal team, including the accomplished Chicago Partner, Christopher Ball, meticulously prepared a comprehensive written submission addressed to the Court. Together with co defense counsel, their endeavors culminated in a decisive ruling by Judge Sherlock, wherein the Plaintiffs’ Motion was dismissed, ensuring the continuity of deemed counterclaims within asbestos cases filed in Cook County.

The genesis of the deemed counter claim rule traces back to the 1990s, during the formulation of The Cook County Case Management Order. For over thirty years, the rule has consistently garnered the support of the defense as an emblem of judicial efficiency, particularly in scenarios where asbestos cases involve a solitary plaintiff and a multitude of defendants. The potency of The Cook Group’s arguments extended beyond the parameters of general defense strategies. By supplementing their position, they underscored the contention that the Plaintiff’s Motion, if granted, would inevitably usher in substantial changes within Cook County’s asbestos litigation landscape. The anticipated consequence of such change would lead to litigation processes marked by duplicative and onerous aspects, which stand in contradiction to the established principles of Illinois Discovery rules.

This ruling stands as a notable success for the defense.

Meredith S. Hudgens is a Partner in The Cook Group’s Chicago Office. She is licensed to practice in Illinois, Northern District of Illinois, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

Christopher Ball is a Partner in The Cook Group's Chicago Office.  He is licensed to practice in Illinois.

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