The Cook Group is a law firm with offices in New York City, Chicago and St. Louis.  With a diverse team of 30 talented and experienced litigators, The Cook Group is distinguished in its commitment to client service with formidable legal talent across multiple jurisdictions and disciplines.

Practice Areas

Our attorneys are licensed and experienced in the majority of the current top ten “Judicial Hellholes” including New York City, Philadelphia, St, Louis, Cook County and Madison County in Illinois, as well as jurisdictions to watch including Florida, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


As part of The Cook Group’s multidisciplinary practice approach, our appellate experts work across teams to provide outstanding legal research, write powerful and effective motions and briefs to analyze and frame legal issues within the appellate standard of review and provide strong advocacy at oral argument within the areas of law relevant to our clients.


The Cook Group’s Arts and Entertainment team counsels actors, authors, playwrights and theater groups in a broad range of areas including protecting their intellectual property, licensing, legal agreements and other matters related to minimizing the client’s risk while maximizing their creative potential.


Whether it’s a complex commercial case or a routine business dispute, The Cook’s Group’s team of experienced attorneys has handled it. Representing a wide range of business interests and industries, we take a client focused, comprehensive approach to resolving business disputes in the most efficient manner.


Our attorneys are experienced in a wide variety of class action and complex litigation in the areas of law which affect our clients. With our multidisciplinary practice approach, whether the goal is to defeat class certification, take the case to trial or otherwise favorably resolve the litigation, the Cook Group’s attorneys have a proven record of reducing the risks posed by this high-risk type of litigation.


The Cook Group is comprised of some of the leading attorneys in environmental and toxic tort litigation. Our experienced team represents defendants in state and federal courts across the country serving as national coordinating counsel, regional counsel or local counsel in various jurisdictions. We have represented clients ranging from contractors to products manufacturers and/or distributors to premises owners.


From product recalls to “bet the company” litigation, The Cook Group’s team of experienced litigators has represented a wide variety of product manufacturers and product distributors in state and federal courts around the nation. From filing to trial to appeal, we create innovative and cost-effective solutions throughout the course of representation while aggressively fighting for our clients’ interests.


Our trial attorneys have established a remarkable track record of success with defense verdicts won in a number of diverse jurisdictions. From filing to trial to appeal, the Cook Group is uniquely able to successfully guide clients through every stage of litigation.


Our attorneys collaborate through multidisciplinary teams to achieve client goals in all sectors of the real estate industry.


Led by a registered sports agent, our sports law team represents professional athletes, student athletes, coaches and colleges in a wide variety of sports industry legal matters.


The Cook Group was founded on the belief that there is a better way to practice law – for our clients and for our team members. The practice of law is rapidly changing and the Cook Group is at the forefront of that change, leading the charge to modernize and streamline practices to more efficiently serve our clients while aggressively advancing and protecting our clients’ interests.

The Cook Group is distinguished in its commitment to client service with formidable legal talent across multiple jurisdictions and disciplines. With a focus on putting our client’s needs first, you’ll see attorneys from diverse backgrounds leading client engagements and practice groups. We leverage our strengths and experience as defense litigators to our client’s advantage: sharing ideas, knowledge and diverse perspectives with clients and each other to increase opportunities and overall effectiveness. Our attorneys go out of their way to know our clients’ businesses so that you have a true partner in all stages of the legal process.


Diversity. Inclusion. Equality. Respect.  These aren’t just words at The Cook Group.  These are our core values. We are a women and minority-owned law firm and are dedicated to those core values in the legal profession and in society as a whole.  We are committed to recruiting, retaining and advancing highly qualified diverse attorneys and have set priorities in entry level recruitment, lateral recruitment, development and retention of minority and female attorneys, and diversity mentoring, training and awareness.  The Cook Group is uniquely positioned to respond to the demand for the very real benefits of being represented by a team of diverse and experienced attorneys.

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