The Cook Group Legal Litigation Attorneys

Attorneys Perform Pro Bono Work For St. Louis Survivors Legal Support.

The Cook Group is honored to share the commendable pro bono work of Brian Wacker and Katherine Klapp with St. Louis Survivors Legal Support, an organization founded by The Honorable (Ret.) Judge Mike Burton. In the realm of Domestic Violence Court, having legal representation plays a pivotal role in achieving positive outcomes. Petitioners who are represented have an increased likelihood of prevailing in hearing and in obtaining orders of protection. Additionally, parents involved in the DVC who have legal representation are more likely to receive relief in crucial areas such as child support, rent, and supervised exchanges of their children.

Katherine Klapp emphasizes that for victims who are uncertain about the appropriate filings to pursue or the best course of action, the legal process can be frustrating.

“For those teetering on the edge of accepting help, it becomes effortless for them to turn away and give up. However, even the smallest effort on our part can make a world of difference for others” said Klapp.

It is through the unwavering dedication of volunteers working with the St. Louis Survivors Legal Support network that the organization can reach and assist a greater number of domestic violence victims in the St. Louis community. We kindly urge you to consider committing just one day a month to serve those in need. For more information on how to get involved, please visit and contact at 314.NOW.STOP [314.669.7867], or you can contact our St. Louis office at 314.882.9869 or email Brian Wacker at”